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hrphoto's Journal

Hampton Roads Photo Clique
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This would be yet another Hampton Roads Photography community. However, it's orientation differs from some of the others.

Most of us are amatuer photographers, quite true. However, this is more looking to draw out and display more artistic works, or things that might catch intrest across a crosscut of viewers. We all love our kids, but a shot of little Jimmy smacking the cat isn't the kind of artistic photography we'd hope to find out there. And some of the art school "I took a picture of this corner of a awning frame I was sitting under because I thought the angles looked cool" just isn't.. That interesting. Sometimes, yes. Oftentimes, not. So, prepare for the response if you're daring and avant garde enough to post such things.

And in advance, all images are copyrights of their prospective owners. So if you steal, prepare to have said prospective owner threaten to do bad things to you, quite possibly in court. Like OJ.