Mrs. Tubaugh (jessfromva) wrote in hrphoto,
Mrs. Tubaugh

My First Post

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A picture of the moon back in January

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A view of Yorktown Beach from my hotel room, Feb 2006

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And while this one borders on the "cute kid" photos I think its awesome the way the lighting turned out. My Son and Boyfriend in front of the fish tank at the VA Beach Aquarium. Feb 2006
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uh, lets just blame that first picture being tiny on the fact photobucket is retarded at times and I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix it.
Wow, that musta been on that night when we had the smallest moon ever! heh

And I dig the fishtank. It's kinda. i dunno. abstract to me.
Ha I a slew of photos like that of the aquarium from our visit last weekend. It is actually a great place to shoot.
These are all quite interesting and fun. The hotel shot reminds me of Stephen Shore's images in Uncommon Places.

Cute kid shot? All I see is scary Abstract. Or , maybe a MST3K shot... LOLZ!